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Eureka Mignon Tilted Base Set

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Product details

Elevate your Eureka Mignon coffee grinding experience with our Tilted Base solution, now brought to you by Papel Espresso for the ultimate enhancement.

Option 1: Tilted Base Only For those seeking improved coffee grind flow and reduced retention without the Drip Tray attachment, our standalone Tilted Base is the perfect choice. Designed to be compatible with Eureka Mignon models, it ensures a smooth and efficient grinding process.

Option 2: Tilted Base with Magnetic Drip Tray, Coffee Bean Cup, Cup Riser Experience unparalleled convenience with our Tilted Base, complete with a Magnetic Drip Tray attachment, Coffee Bean Cup, and Cup Riser. The magnets securely attach the base to the Drip Tray, allowing easy detachment for cleaning. These magnets are discreetly designed to have no impact on aesthetics during usage. The Drip Tray attaches to the Tilted Base with three powerful magnets, while Cup Riser and Drip Tray are secured together with two strong magnets. The Coffee Bean Cup is held in place by one robust neodymium magnet.

Key Features:

Improved Flow: Tilting the grinder enhances the smooth passage of coffee grounds, ensuring a more efficient grinding process.

Anti-Slip Solution: The tilted base accommodates additional anti-slip pads for surfaces prone to slippage, providing stability during operation. Additionally, four leather pads are placed under the tilted base to eliminate vibrations and completely prevent slipping, reducing both noise and movement.

Magnetic Drip Tray Attachment: Equipped with magnets, the tilted base securely attaches to the Drip Tray, facilitating easy removal for quick and efficient cleaning of coffee residues. The strong grip is maintained by three powerful magnets.

Compatibility: The tilted base is exclusively compatible with Eureka Mignon models such as Specialita, Zero, Silenzio, Filtro, Crono, Classico, Perfetto, Manuale, Brew Pro, etc. Please note that it is not compatible with older models like the Eureka Mignon MCI.

Easy Compatibility Check: Unsure if the tilted base is suitable for your Eureka Grinder Model? Message us, and we’ll confirm the compatibility of our products with your grinder.

For any inquiries or questions, feel free to drop us a message. Elevate your coffee grinding setup with the Tilted Base for Eureka Mignon, where functionality meets innovation! Choose the option that best suits your preferences.

This product is entirely produced using high-quality PLA. For details on material selection, you can visit

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