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DF64 Low Retention Declumper and Chute

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DF64 Low Retention Declumper and Chute

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Revolutionize Your Coffee Grinding Experience with Our DF64 Grinder Upgrade

At Papel Espresso, we’re passionate about perfecting the DF64 grinder, and our dedication has led to the creation of a groundbreaking declumper and chute combination. We’ve poured extensive engineering efforts into these components to ensure a superior coffee grinding experience.

The main challenge with the DF64 grinder lies in its stock declumper. The original silicon declumper often leads to regrinding, resulting in uneven coffee grounds and long-term grinder clogs. To overcome this challenge, we’ve developed two essential components:

  1. Upgraded Declumper: Our engineered declumper is designed to eliminate large clumps, minimize static buildup, and offer a generously sized open cross-section area for reduced resistance and lower retention.

  2. Improved Chute: Our redesigned chute reduces dead spaces and eliminates channel corners by transitioning from a rectangular shape to a rounded one. This innovation prevents fine coffee grounds from accumulating after passing through the declumper and within the chute itself.

Depending on the humidity level in your location, you may need a maximum of one spritz of RDT (Ross Droplet Technique). In humid regions, the declumper can even be removed to achieve near-zero retention.

Installation: Installing the declumper is a straightforward process, but we recommend checking YouTube for helpful tutorials. After removing the stock declumper and chute, you can utilize the same screws to effortlessly install our upgraded declumper and chute.

This upgrade is compatible with all DF64 grinder variants, from V1 to V4.

Elevate your coffee grinding experience with Papel Espresso’s precision-engineered upgrade. Say goodbye to inconsistent grounds and grinder clogs – because perfection is in the details.

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