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Gaggia Classic Portafilter Holder

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The Gaggia Classic Pro is a legendary coffee maker with a rich history. Coffee enthusiasts often own more than one portafilter, and instead of stashing away these beautiful spare portafilters in a drawer, wouldn’t you like to display them proudly alongside your machine? That’s where our specially designed 3D printed portafilter holder for the Gaggia Classic Pro comes into play.

On the back of the product, you’ll find five ultra-strong magnets, ensuring a secure attachment to your machine. These magnets enhance stability and prevent any unwanted movement.

Gaggia Classic Pro’s elegant and functional design is further elevated by this custom portafilter holder, enhancing your espresso experience. Quality and functionality are the hallmarks of Papel Espresso, and this product reflects those values. It’s the perfect addition for coffee aficionados.

Designed to elevate your coffee experience with Papel Espresso quality, this product allows you to change your portafilter quickly and easily. You can also request different color options by messaging us before placing your order.

Don’t wait; enhance your coffee enjoyment today by ordering this product designed to complement the Gaggia Classic Pro, and elevate your coffee experience with Papel Espresso quality!

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