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Coffee Bean Dosing

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Coffee Bean Dosing Tray – the perfect companion for a seamless coffee brewing experience! It effortlessly accommodates coffee beans, ranging from a comfortable 18g to a generous 70g, making it suitable for various brews. The product is available in three distinct sizes; the first is ideal for espresso enthusiasts, while the medium and large sizes cater to v60 and applications requiring more coffee beans.

Our innovative 3 dosing cups nest within each other when empty, optimizing storage space and providing practicality. Designed with aesthetic flexibility in mind, it maintains visual perfection.

Are you tired of the guessing game? Our dosing tray transforms the single-dosing process into child’s play, ensuring the perfect measurement of coffee beans for a delightful cup every time.

No need for rocket science here. The dosing tray is crafted for everyone, whether you’re a coffee novice or an experienced professional. It’s as simple as pour, grind, and brew. Elevate your coffee routine with ease and precision using our Coffee Bean Dosing Tray.

Additionally, this product is 3D printed using health-friendly PLA material, ensuring safety and quality for your brewing experience.