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DF64 Coffee Grinder Anti Popcorn Upgrade

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DF64 Coffee Grinder Anti Popcorn Upgrade

This item: DF64 Coffee Grinder Anti Popcorn Upgrade

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$15.00 $17.00
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Unlock the next level of precision with our innovative Anti-Popcorning. Crafted to perfection, this ingenious accessory stands as a guardian of grind consistency within your DF-64, G-IOTA, or Turin coffee grinder.

Coffee enthusiasts know the significance of maintaining an uninterrupted flow of whole beans during the grinding process. Our Anti-Popcorning takes center stage to ensure just that. By effectively preventing smaller coffee bean fragments from disrupting the primary flow of whole beans, this device plays a crucial role in stabilizing the grind rate. The result? Enhanced grind consistency that takes your coffee-making endeavors to new heights.

Engineered with precision, the Anti-Popcorning seamlessly integrates onto the lower end of the bellow in your coffee grinder. Its seamless fit ensures that every grind is a testament to precision and excellence.

It’s worth noting that with the introduction of the DF64 V4, two different bellow sizes have come into play. To ensure compatibility, we’ve provided a helpful reference picture that allows you to determine which version of the bellow your DF64 is equipped with. This attention to detail reflects our commitment to providing you with tailored solutions that perfectly align with your equipment.