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Cup Scale Weighing Holder – Espresso Scale Stand

Original price was: $45.00.Current price is: $42.00.
Our stainless steel coffee scale stand is expertly crafted to enhance your espresso brewing experience. Made from premium 2mm stainless steel, it ensures durability and…

DeLonghi Dedica 51MM Funnel

Delonghi Dedica Funnel designed to prevent spills and streamline the grinding process. Available in two versions for stability and versatility, these funnels fit 51mm portafilters.…

Delonghi Dedica Drip Tray

Unlike standard drip trays, this plastic drip tray is scratch-resistant and features a stylish honeycomb pattern design by Papel Espresso. Ideal for use with portafilters,…

Delonghi Dedica Low Profile Drip Tray

If you own a Delonghi Dedica 685 or 885 and love your machine but wish to use a larger cup for your coffee? Would you…

Delonghi Dedica Portafilter Holder

This portafilter holder can solve your problem completely. It allows you to have your portafilter conveniently located next to your machine once you've finished brewing.…

Delonghi Dedica Portafilter Holder / Stand

$12.00 $31.00
The tampering station is designed to securely hold the standard Delonghi Dedica EC 685 Portafilter (51 mm) in place and facilitates easy tampering of coffee…

E61 Antiburn Wood Head Cover

$37.00 $40.00
E61 Antiburn Wood Head Cover, designed to add a perfect aesthetic appeal and prevent burns to the hands caused by heat for home users. Crafted…

ECM – E61 Flow Rate Regulator Knob

The garments labelled as Committed are products that have been produced using sustainable fibers or processes, reducing their environmental impact. …

ECM Espresso Machine Adjustable Feet

Original price was: $55.00.Current price is: $50.00.
This set of four feet is designed to be compatible with the Mechanika, Technika, Synchronika, and Classika espresso machines, providing a stylish and stable base…

Espresso Machine Bezzera Legs / Feet

Bezzera espresso machine with our sleek wooden feet. Handcrafted and meticulously varnished, these feet come in Olive, Black, and American Walnut options, adding a touch…

Gaggia Classic – OPV / 9 Bar Spring from Papel Espresso

$8.00 $14.00
Looking for that simple mod which allows you to extract every last ounce of pleasure from your beloved cup of coffee? Try this, the Gaggia…

Gaggia Classic 1 mm One Hole Steam Tip

Upgrade your Gaggia Classic with The Single from Papel Espresso and enjoy perfect microfoam at home. This single-hole steam tip, made from 304 stainless steel,…