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DF64 Coffee Grinder Anti Popcorn Upgrade

$15.00 $17.00
Unlock the next level of precision with our innovative Anti-Popcorning. Crafted to perfection, this ingenious accessory stands as a guardian of grind consistency within your…

DF64 Coffee Grinder Tilted Base Stand

Transform Your Grinding Experience with the Innovative retention reduction DF64 Espresso Grinder - Minimize Retention, Maximize Flavor!…

DF64 Coffee Grinder Upgraded Dosing Cup Holder

The meticulously crafted dosing cup holder, tailored exclusively for use with the original dosing cup of the DF-64, G-IOTA, and Turin coffee grinders.Designed with precision…

DF64 Coffee Grinder Upgraded Portafilter Holder

The meticulously crafted dosing portafilter holder, tailored exclusively for use with your Gaggia or E61 portafilters.Designed with precision and printed with care, this portafilter stands…

DF64 Leather Lid Cover

The perfect accessory to enhance your grinding experience! Specially designed to fit the DF64 grinder, this premium leather lid not only adds a touch of…

DF64 Low Retention Declumper and Chute

Revolutionize Your Coffee Grinding Experience with Our DF64 Grinder Upgrade At Papel Espresso, we’re passionate about perfecting the DF64 grinder, and our dedication has led…