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Gaggia Classic PID Case Water Tank Cover

For the devoted Gaggia Classic Pro enthusiasts who seek the ultimate modification, the essential addition of a PID is undeniable. Yet, the conventional PID cases…

Gaggia Classic Portafilter Holder

The Gaggia Classic Pro is a legendary coffee maker with a rich history. Coffee enthusiasts often own more than one portafilter, and instead of stashing…

Gaggia Classic Pro Evo Extended Low Profile Drip Tray

Custom parts for Gaggia Classic Pro or EVO. This set includes an extended drip tray and a shorter water collection tank that has been redesigned…

Gaggia Classic Pro Evo Low Profile Drip Tray

Custom parts for Gaggia Classic Pro or Evo . It was designed and produced by us. We take extra care for quality.…

Gaggia Classic Pro or Evo Portafilter Stand

If you’re a devoted fan of the Gaggia Classic espresso machine and looking to streamline your morning coffee routine, then this tamping station is just…

Gaggia Classic Stainless Steel Extended Top Cover

This product is designed to expand the upper cup tray area of Gaggia Classic Pro and Evo machines, effectively utilizing previously unused space. Now, you…

Gaggia Classic Water Tank Cover

Water Tank Cover by Papel Espresso, tailored exclusively for the Gaggia Classic Pro. Elevate your coffee experience with this meticulously designed accessory, which harmoniously merges…

Gaggia Classic Water Tank Cover

This meticulously crafted Water Tank Cover showcases a flawless fusion of aesthetics and practicality, utilizing state-of-the-art 3D printing technology to achieve its design precision. Every…

Gaggia Classic XMT7100 PID Controller Case

While traditional PID cases disrupt visual aesthetics, our solution seamlessly integrates the XMT 7100. Impeccably designed and 3D-printed in-house, we take pride in setting new…