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Delonghi Dedica Portafilter Holder / Stand

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Product details

The tampering station is designed to securely hold the standard Delonghi Dedica EC 685 Portafilter (51 mm) in place and facilitates easy tampering of coffee pucks. The additional top funnel helps minimize powder spillage while pouring ground coffee. The tamper prevents powder from spilling out of the portafilter without the need to remove the funnel, keeping your coffee station clean and organized. Between shots, the station can also be used as a portafilter holder.

The product is offered in 4 different options:

  1. Option includes only the funnel without a magnet. Since Delonghi Dedica portafilters are made of a non-magnetic material, magnets will not provide grip, hence no magnet is included.
  2. Option includes a tamper station with ears designed to accommodate your portafilter’s ears, providing stability during tamping. Please note that due to the flat design of the portafilter basket, this option will not provide grip for the funnel.
  3. Option includes a tamper station with ears, with the ears of your portafilter extending beyond the tamper station, allowing your espresso funnel to grip securely.
  4. Option includes a tamper station with a funnel, providing the most suitable option for you, combining both the funnel and tamper station.

Please note that only the tampering station and funnel are included in the offer. The portafilter is not included and is shown for illustrative purposes only.

All components are made from 3D printed PLA. It is recommended to wash all parts with cold water only.

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