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Cup Scale Weighing Holder – Espresso Scale Stand

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The Iconic Silhouette

Our stand is designed for you to comfortably place your coffee scale while making your espresso. It is entirely made of premium 2mm stainless steel and is our own design.


  • Constructed of high-quality/premium stainless steel material. It is made of stainless steel material that does not pose any health risks. You can use it with peace of mind.

  • The bottom part is designed to fit comfortably on your scale. There is no balance issue. You can use it with scales from brands such as Acaia, Hario, and OXO.

  • Very easy to install. You can easily adjust the 2 screws provided for installation according to the height of your espresso machine.


  1. Coffee Special Weighing Frame: The coffee machine weighing frame is designed to simplify the coffee extraction process and protect the electronic scale. You don’t need to remove the electronic scale to add water during extraction. Additionally, if the coffee machine is not tall enough, it can be used with the coffee machine pad feet.

  2. Adjustable Height: Home or commercial coffee makers often cannot increase cup capacity due to the addition of an electronic scale on top. Our coffee weighing rack can be adjusted in height. Once the height is adjusted to suit, there’s no need to frequently move the electronic scale, which is convenient for cleaning.

  3. Better Proportion of Water and Powder: With the help of this Coffee Machine Weighing Stand, you don’t need the electronic scale to add water during extraction, simplifying the coffee brewing process. Especially for beginners, the proportion of coffee is particularly important.

  4. Robust and Durable: Our coffee machine scale stand is made of high-quality stainless steel, resistant to high temperatures, not easily corroded, with a long service life. You can use it with confidence. These coffee machine weighing stands have a longer lifespan than other plastic or silicone ones.

  5. Better Protection: Electronics contain many precision instruments to ensure measurement accuracy. Using this coffee machine can keep the electronic scale away from water vapor and high temperatures, ensuring accurate measurement and extending the service life of the coffee electronic scale.


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