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DeLonghi Dedica 51MM Funnel

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Product details

We’ve developed funnels specifically for 51mm DeLonghi Dedica models to simplify your coffee dosing process. Due to the non-magnetic nature of Dedica portafilters, previous funnels were generally incompatible. Taking this into account, we’ve crafted a new funnel to meet your needs.

These funnels facilitate the transfer of ground coffee into the portafilter and subsequent WDT process, allowing for easy distribution with a simple motion. Designed specifically for 51mm diameter portafilters.

The product is offered in 2 different options:

Lockable version: Ensures more stability and firmness on the portafilter.
Normal version intended for tamper station use. There is no magnet.

This funnel can be easily placed onto the portafilter with a simple hand motion and securely sits on it afterward. It can be easily removed after grinding and WDT.

Please note that only the funnel is included in the offer. The portafilter is not included and is shown for illustrative purposes only.

All components are made from 3D printed PLA. It is recommended to wash all parts with cold water only.