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Bottomless Portafilter Stand

The Papel Espresso Portafilter Stand is meticulously crafted for those who savor every aspect of the coffee experience. Elevate your brewing station to impeccable organization…

Cup Scale Weighing Holder – Espresso Scale Stand

The garments labelled as Committed are products that have been produced using sustainable fibers or processes, reducing their environmental impact.…

DF64 Walnut Wood Lid Cover

The perfect accessory to enhance your grinding experience! Specially designed to fit the DF64 grinder, this premium walnut lid not only adds a touch of…

Knob Style Portafilter Handle

Meticulously designed and crafted by Papel Espresso: the Knob Style Espresso Portafilter Handle. These unique portafilter handles, exclusively designed and manufactured by Papel Espresso, add…

Magnetic Portafilter Funnel / Dosing Ring

Magnetic Portafilter Funnel / Dosing Ring, the perfect accessory for any coffee enthusiast or professional barista. This innovative funnel is designed to streamline your coffee…

Papel Espresso Cup Riser / Cup Stand – American Walnut Edition

The Papel Espresso Cup Riser is an incredibly useful tool designed to preserve the crema on your espresso shots and enhance your coffee experience.Crafted entirely…

Planetary Gear Spirograph Espresso WDT Tool

We’ve optimized every aspect of this tool, from perfectly engineered gear ratios to the placement of the needles. Elevate your espresso experience with unparalleled consistency…

Portafilter Mount

We offer you the perfect solution for organizing your coffee station with Papel Espresso Portafilter Mount. This innovative accessory allows you to securely hold your…

Stainless Steel – V60 Coffee Filter Paper Holder

V60 drip coffee filter stainless steel stand - the perfect filter coffee accessory. This coffee filter holder is designed to organize paper filters in an…

Stainless Steel Tamping Stand

The perfect companion for your coffee-making journey. This simple yet essential stand provides a stable tamping surface, ensuring a consistent and precise extraction every time.…