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Upgrades for Gaggia New Classic Pro – Papel Espresso

Gaggia New Classic Pro is one of the leading home espresso machines in the coffee industry. It could potentially be the best-selling machine in its category across all countries where it is sold. It offers excellent value for money, comparable to home machines such as Delonghi and Philips, while surpassing them with its pressure and portafilter structure, placing it above the “home” category.

1. Gaggia New Classic Pro Spring Replacement
2. Gaggia Shower Screen Replacement
3. Upgrades for Gaggia New Classic Pro Espresso Basket
4. Gaggia New Classic Naked Portafilter
5. Gaggia New Classic Pro PID Kit
6. Do Gaggia Modifications Void the Warranty?
7. Taking Gaggia New Classic Pro a Few Steps Further: Exploring Gaggia Modifications

Gaggia Modifications
1. Gaggia New Classic Pro Spring Replacement
When we talk about Gaggia modifications, one of the cheapest, easiest, and perhaps essential upgrades to consider is replacing the machine’s pressure spring. Gaggia machines are factory-set to provide a pressure of 12-15 bars for coffee brewing. The tension in the spring is quite tight, allowing it to be compatible with pressurized filter baskets.

However, if you are pursuing authentic espresso and not using pressurized filter baskets, the high pressure can lead to faster extraction and increased channeling issues. Moreover, the high pressure makes it more challenging to calibrate your grind size accurately.

Traditional espresso extraction requires a pressure of 9 bars, and there are springs available specifically for Gaggia machines that allow you to achieve this. If you search for “Gaggia 9 Bar OPV Spring” on the internet, you will find several links where you can purchase these springs. We are currently selling.  9 Bar OPV Spring

2. Gaggia Shower Screen Replacement
Now let’s move on to a Gaggia modification that can quickly yield noticeable results and enhance your brewing process.

Unfortunately, the shower screen on the Gaggia New Classic Pro is not of the highest quality (though it is better than those of Delonghi and Philips machines, it still has room for improvement). The purpose of this component is to evenly distribute water over the coffee bed, ensuring a more uniform saturation. This feature helps prevent channeling during the extraction process.

In this regard, IMS (Industrial Machine Service) has produced excellent external shower heads for Gaggia machines. Here’s a tip: You can use the IMS shower screen either on its own or place it on top of the stock shower screen without removing it. After conducting experiments with my machine, I found that using both screens together produced very satisfying results. I continue to use this setup.

3. Gaggia New Classic Pro Espresso Basket Upgrades
This modification is not unique to Gaggia but applies to many espresso machines. The espresso baskets that come as stock equipment on portafilters may not always be of the highest quality. You have the option to replace them with baskets that are better suited for your brewing preferences and offer improved performance.

I use IMS Ultrafine baskets in my espresso machine. These baskets, with their ultra-fine metal filter, allow the retention of coffee grounds while enabling the use of finer grinds without clogging. As a result, I can achieve cleaner and more flavorful cups of coffee. However, it should be noted that the use of this basket may slightly alter the body and texture of the coffee.

As you can see from the photo, my basket has worn out a bit due to extensive use. I am satisfied with the 16-18 gram version I have.

Additionally, I have a 20-gram basket that I use in a naked portafilter.

I recommend you also explore VST and IMS baskets for your own research. Before making a purchase, make sure they are compatible with Gaggia machines.

4. Gaggia New Classic Naked Portafilter
Among the Gaggia upgrades I have mentioned, the naked (or bottomless) portafilter ranks lower in terms of priority.

Here’s why:

While it is visually appealing to watch coffee flow through the portafilter, it can be challenging to use. It might be the accessory I use the least. As the coffee flows into the cup without coming into contact with any surfaces inside the portafilter, the resulting crema and texture of the espresso change significantly. The mouthfeel is undoubtedly enhanced.

On the other hand, it also makes you more aware of potential mistakes and may lead you to scrutinize every cup for errors. When I first purchased it, I had not changed the pressure spring on my Gaggia machine and was using the factory-set pressure, which made calibration extremely difficult due to channeling issues. It also resulted in the machine and its surroundings becoming quite messy. Once I changed the spring, I achieved more stable extractions. My recommendation is that if you are interested in a naked portafilter, address the pressure issue first.

5. Gaggia New Classic Pro PID Kit
This kit allows you to adjust the brew temperature, monitor temperature changes, and intervene during the brewing process on your Gaggia New Classic machine. There are various kits available on the market with different quality levels and prices. These kits are not specifically designed for Gaggia machines. You can research and find suitable options online.

There are a few reasons why I have mentioned this kit last. On paper, being able to measure and control the brewing temperature seems great, and having a PID is definitely an improvement over not having one.


Since the Gaggia New Classic uses a thermoblock heating system (a small box similar to a can of cola with a capacity of 100-110ml of water), it quickly consumes and heats the water. The amount of water it holds is not sufficient for maintaining optimal temperature. During the extraction process, almost all of the water in the thermoblock is depleted. This is insufficient for the PID to function efficiently. Additionally, installing a PID requires considerable skill.

In other words, if you want a machine with a PID, it is best to purchase one that already comes with it. If price and effort are not a concern for you, then installing a PID might be worth it. Personally, if I were to buy a new Gaggia machine after long-term use, I would not bother with adding a PID but rather upgrade to a better.

“Will my warranty be voided if I make these modifications? This is one of the most frequently asked questions.

We can consider shower screen replacement, espresso basket upgrades, and naked portafilter as cosmetic modifications. Changing the pressure spring is also a quick procedure that can be easily reversed to factory settings when needed. I don’t believe that these modifications will be noticeable or cause any concerns when the machine is taken for servicing.

Furthermore, none of these modifications will cause any harm to the machine. In fact, even the PID can extend the lifespan of the heating element and boiler. However, it’s unlikely that manufacturers or importers will officially endorse these modifications. In fact, in many cases, it is mentioned that any external interventions on the machine will void the warranty.”

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