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Espresso Scale with Timer

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Papel Espresso’s Mini Espresso Scale, a versatile and essential tool for coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike. This compact coffee scale is designed to enhance your coffee brewing experience, regardless of the espresso machine you use. From home baristas to café owners, this scale is the perfect companion for achieving precise and consistent results in every cup.

Accurate and Reliable: With its high precision load cell, the Papel Espresso Mini Espresso Scale ensures accuracy down to 0.1g increments, guaranteeing precise measurements of coffee grounds, extraction volume, or any other ingredient. Whether you’re brewing espresso, pour-over coffee, or measuring ingredients for baking and cooking, this scale is up to the task.

Built-in Timer and Tare Function: The built-in timer allows you to keep track of the brewing time, ensuring that you extract the perfect cup of coffee every time. The tare function enables you to weigh your coffee or other ingredients directly in the brewing vessel, simplifying the process and reducing the need for multiple containers.

Portable and Space-saving: Its mini size (2” * 3.8” * 0.7”) makes this espresso scale extremely portable, fitting snugly in your pocket or bag, so you can take it wherever you go. The flip plastic cover protects the scale when not in use, and the removable cover doubles as a weighing tray, making it convenient for weighing coffee beans or other items.

For Every Coffee Lover: The Papel Espresso Mini Espresso Scale is designed to cater to coffee enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Whether you’re exploring the world of coffee brewing at home or operating a bustling coffee shop, this scale empowers you to create consistent and delicious coffee with ease.

Elevate your coffee brewing experience with the Papel Espresso Mini Espresso Scale, your go-to tool for precision and perfection in every cup.