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Ceramic Coffee Dosing Trays – Coffee Bean Boat 18g – 40g

The fully ceramic construction ensures high quality and low maintenance, making it a convenient addition to your coffee brewing setup. Plus, it's dishwasher safe for…

Magnetic Espresso Shooting Mirror

This innovative product allows you to easily monitor and adjust your espresso shots with a 360-degree rotation mirror fixed to a ball head. Made with…

Portafilter Mount

We offer you the perfect solution for organizing your coffee station with Papel Espresso Portafilter Mount. This innovative accessory allows you to securely hold your…

Stainless Steel – V60 Coffee Filter Paper Holder

V60 drip coffee filter stainless steel stand - the perfect filter coffee accessory. This coffee filter holder is designed to organize paper filters in an…

WDT Tool – Espresso Distribution Tool from Papel Espresso

This tool distributes your grinds evenly, maximizing extraction and minimizing channeling. Strictly selected materials, anti-corrosion and rust, not easily bend or break, healthy and safe.…