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Eureka Mignon Grinder Setting Dial

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Product details

Discover our versatile device that seamlessly integrates with most* Eureka Mignon and Eureka Oro Mignon grinders featuring the adjustment knob on the right side, further enhancing your coffee grinding experience.

“This product is specifically designed for Eureka Mignon series grinders, offering durability, reliability, and ease of use. It addresses the issue of losing your reference point when switching between grind sizes. Now, you can effortlessly adjust the grind size for espresso, pour-over, and French press, while the numbered dial ensures easy return to your preferred setting. No more wasting precious coffee to readjust the grind!”

Among the compatible models are Specialita, Perfetto, Silenzio, Design, Turbo, Manuale, Classico, Bravo, Filtro, Filtro Silent, Crono, Brew Pro, Casa, Facile, Notte, Zero, Zero Brew, Libra, Oro XL, Oro Single Dose, Oro Single Dose Brew, Oro Dolce Vita, and Oro Stark.

To dial in your grind, we recommend beginning with these ranges and adjust as needed:

  • Espresso: 5-20
  • Drip/Pour-Over: 35-65
  • French Press: 65-90

*Note: This product is compatible with Perfetto. However, the application process differs from other models. Specifically, for Perfetto, the top cover of the dial can be opened. The dial can then be removed using an Allen key. Following this process, the setting dial can be easily applied.

There are 10 powerful neodymium magnets integrated into the product. These magnets securely hold the top and bottom parts together, enhancing the product’s stability. The knob part of the product is crafted from Tough PLA and carbon fiber, significantly enhancing its durability.

For any questions regarding the compatibility of your machine, send us the model as a message, and we’ll gladly address any concerns. Elevate your coffee brewing setup with this indispensable accessory for Eureka Mignon and Oro Mignon enthusiasts!