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Gaggia Classic Wooden Steam Knob

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Gaggia Classic Steam Knob – Olive Normal

Gaggia Classic Wooden Steam Knop

Elevate your coffee experience with this beautifully crafted steam knob made from high-quality  American Walnut, Olive or Ash. Not only will it add a touch of warmth to your coffee machine, but it will also provide a comfortable grip for easy steaming.

These exquisite wooden steam knobs, designed and crafted exclusively by us, utilize the same wood supplier as our portafilter handles.

The installation process for these knobs mirrors that of the standard plastic knob – they simply push on and are secured by an D-style mount. Therefore, they can be easily pushed on and pulled off as needed, just like the original knob. There are no permanent fixtures, no unsightly grub screws that might come loose and require re-tightening, or any other fixings to concern yourself with.

The Gaggia Classic Wooden Steam Knob is compatible with the Gaggia Classic RI9403, Pro, and Evo models.

This steam knob comes in four different color options Ash-three, Olive, American Walnut, and Black, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your machine and style.

As wooden knobs are a natural product, the grain and color of the wood may vary slightly from what is shown. Therefore, there may be differences in wood grain and staining. Additionally, while we make every effort to safeguard the wood from damage, as commercially manufactured wooden handles, they may occasionally have minor imperfections – though this, of course, does not affect performance.


Please note that as this product is made from natural materials, there may be some slight variation in color and grain pattern. However, we ensure that each piece is of the highest quality, so you can enjoy a unique and beautiful addition to your coffee setup.

INSTALLATION: Our wooden steam knobs, like the standard plastic steam knob, utilize a D shaft fitment. It’s crucial to orient the knob correctly with respect to the flat and curved sides of the shaft – and while our knob may be slightly more distinguishable than the standard one, they both install in the same manner: the FLAT portion of the steam valve shaft should align with the flat plastic portion of the socket; and the flat metal spring inside the knob should align with the CURVED side of the shaft. Firm pressure is required for installation, to initially push the knob on. Always ensure that the flat metal spring is present within the steam knob (whether ours or the standard Gaggia one) before installation.